As ruthless as she is practical.


An Elf named Chodi

The daughter of a half-snake two-bit Elf gambler, Chodi was born to a difficult life. Left to her mother at the age of three and leaving nothing behind but a bow and a bottle of Dwarven ale her father packed his things and set out, never to return. The cruelest joke her father played before abandoning her was, by far, giving her the name Chodi.

With that name she was cast out of all respectable Elven circles and forced to fight and scrape for any respect she could win. Lying in her bed at night she cursed the moon and swore that she would find her father one day and have her revenge.

Chodi learned quickly that she would need to learn to shoot and survive in the wild. She spent her days prize fighting and honing her skill with the bow and when she was ready she stole away in the dead of night.

But no matter where she went her name would follow. When an unfortunate Elf would learn her name and make light of the plague that haunted her, Chodi would answer with cold steel. Life was not easy for the Elf, Chodi.

Some years later, Chodi happened upon a small town named Greenish and decided to eat and rest at the local inn. When she entered she heard a game being played in the darkest corner of the common room. Sitting at a table holding a dicing cup was her father. She knew his scheming eyes from a painting her mother had kept all those years.

She approached the game slowly with ice flowing through her veins and uttered a single word… “Chodi.”

With a strike right between his squinting eyes, Chodi knocked her father out of his seat and onto the floor, but without warning he was back on his feet with a dagger in hand and took the tip from Chodi’s left ear for her troubles. Grabbing a stool, Chodi broke it over her father’s grinning teeth, knocking him through the wall of the inn and into the quiet street outside. The exchange of blows went on for some time with both sides coming out bloodied and battered. Out of all the men she had fought, Chodi could not recall a fiercer, less honourable opponent.

Her father swore and went for his boot knife, but Chodi drew the her dagger first and thrust the point to his throat, daring him to move. He only smirked.

“It’s not easy living in this world, you need to be ruthless and strong to survive. I knew I wouldn’t be around to help raise you into the ranger you’ve become, so I named you and left without so much as a goodbye, knowing that you would either become the warrior I see before me, or die trying. It was that name that molded and shaped you into an opponent worthy of any Dragonborn.

“I know your hatred for me runs as deeply as any Dwarven mine. You have every reason to run me through right now and I understand if that’s what you choose. But before you kill me, you should give me your thanks, because I’m the son of a bitch that named you, Chodi.”

As the dagger drove home and the ground puddled with her father’s wretched life, Chodi turned and walked out of Greenish the way she had come in. She decided at that moment that if she were ever to have a daughter, she would name her… Sue.



Chodi wields a magical bow called “Firebrand”. A magical bow capable of bursting its target into flames, Chodi acquired this weapon in the Coppernight Hold after defeating the white dragon wyrmling White Shadow.


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