"Happiness By the Foot"


Iroas is from a nomadic tribe of Minotaurs called the Domari’Rana. During his younger years he grew quickly in stature, becoming one of the tallest of his tribe. Despite being one of the tallest Minotaurs in his tribe he is quite gentle, he respects natural world around him and all animals in it.

This proved to be a problem for him at the age of 21 when the time came for him to complete his right of passage; as many male Minotaurs before him he was to go into the wilderness with a group of other males of the same age. Each was to slay a beast of some kind, and bring it back to the tribe to be used for food and the hide was to become the armor that the they would wear for the rest of their lives. No matter how hard he tried to, he couldn’t bring himself to kill. After days of being in the wilderness he came to the conclusion that he would never be able to complete the task given to him. One by one his compatriots claimed their prize and went back to the tribe; until finally he was all that remained. He decided to run away, choosing to live in exile from his tribe rather than face his tribe and the shame it would bring his family.

As he set out he came across an owlbear laying in the center of a meadow. Iroas was cautious at first. Observing it from afar, hoping it hadn’t spotted him. after seeing that it wasn’t moving he decided to go in for a closer look. Upon closer inspection he discovered the reason the owlbear was so still. Over a dozen stab wounds could be seen in different places all over the beast’s body. He was mortified. That someone would leave such a creature as beautiful to rot brought tears to his eyes. But then a thought occurred, he would take the owl bear back to his tribe and present it as his trophy.

He was greeted at his tribe’s camp with a mighty cheer. “ALL OF OUR SON’S ARE NOW MEN” every one cheered. Iroas brought his trophy to the center of the camp, where he presented it to the tribe elders. “here is my honor, my strength and my respect for my ancestors.” He proclaimed, as he was told he should. “You have brought great pride to your tribe, your family and yourself” one of the elders told him in a low voice. Iroas prayed that no one would ever discover his secret.

In the years since that day he devoted himself to training under the tribe shaman. He learned techniques to harness the earth to protect him. The owlbear hide was fashioned into armor that he would wear. After learning all he could from his shaman teacher, he set out to find new places to train, to learn all he could to protect nature in any way he can.


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