Toshiba Kawasaki

He strikes with the strength of a thousand armadillos.



Broad in stature and shiny in head, around 20 years of age.


Toshiba was born into Jiāng Niúròu a traveling clan of Nan’xin and was raised as a follower of Bodhi.

Throughout his youth Toshiba followed Bodhi’s teachings very carefully, being calm of mind, rather easy-going and trained in hand to hand combat since birth.

At the age of 18 Toshiba was sent away from his clan to travel in solitude for one year as was tradition in his clan, it was during this time that he began to train in the art of the stone-fist, an ancient fighting style passed down through generations in the Jiāng Niúròu clan.

After returning to his clan a year later, he found to his despair that his friends and family had been slaughtered by an unknown force.

Two years later, Toshiba has abandoned the teachings of Bodhi believing them to be weak and partially the reason for his clans destruction, He above all else desires to find the the identity of his clan’s destroyer and gain the power needed to get revenge, his search has led him to enroll to become a knight of Avalon and hopes the training he receives will aid him in his journey.

Toshiba Kawasaki

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