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The Letter


The Bearer of this Letter…

has gained permission without exception to train with the Knights of Leowolf. Your application was found to be of a suitable variety and your admission is made final by your appearance on the fourth day of summer at the muster point indicated on the map enclosed with this letter.

By attending you will agree to begin your cadetship which will last no less than eighteen months, upon completion of which, you will be granted full honours as a Leowolf Knight. While attending as a cadet you will be granted a stipend of 100 silver pieces per month and afforded full room and board.

The Leowolf Knights are dedicated foremost to to loyalty and extend such unquestionably to their recruits. May your education have you find yourself here.

Welcome to Avalon

The Leowolf Knights

The Leowolf Knights a central unified army serving and protecting three nations. The Kingdoms of Ivalice, Kilstonine and Cthonia all provide funding, troops and supplies to the cause. The Leowolf Knights were founded by Lionel Leowolf close to forty-nine years ago as a standing allied truce between the three nations.

For nearly fifty years the Leowolf Knights have protected the trifecta of nations loyally and successfully, reaching a time now of relative peace. Most of the efforts of the Knights now are spent outside the boarders of the three nations. The Knights of Leowolf often lend protection to smaller city states and help in peace keeping disputes of other kingdoms.

The nations of Ivalice, Kilstonine and Cthonia all provide cadets for training into the Leowolf Knights. The substantial pay, the prestige, the half-pay pension and land allotment make service in the night core a desirable and respected occupation. The Leowolf Knights are the most revered fighting force in the land.

The Hokuten

1. Roenick
2. King ’Morrow
3. Anjel
4. Gaara of the Sands
5. Tetravus Leowolf
6. Agrias Oaks
7. Dust Onyx
8. Irielove
9. Masahiro

The main leadership of the Leowolf Knights are known as the The Hokuten. These Nine Knights are the most legendary in the combined lands of the Trivium. They are generals, magistrates, emissaries and prelates of the Knights, each over seeing a key operation. To be promoted to one of the Legendary Hokuten is one of the greatest honours and individual can accomplish.

The Betrayal

For the last ten years the 1st General of the Hokuten was Leo Leowolf. Son of the founding Lionel Leowolf. Recently Leo was found to be consorting with the Cult of Tiamat as a sect leader, there was a great confrontation between Anjel and Leo resulting in Leo’s death and Anjel suffering grievous wounds. Anjel and Roenick, being close friends took time away from the Leowolf Knights but have now returned. Roenick was promoted to First General, King ’Morrow to Second and Anjel to Third. The fourth general spot was filled by Gaara of the Sands.

These events are still fresh in the minds of everyone in Avalon. The Leowolf name is no longer trusted. Though Tetravus Leowolf still serves as one of the Nine Knights, it is under a careful watchful eye of the rest, particularly Irielove – prelate of the The Hokuten.

The Trivium

The union of the three nations is known as the Trivium. Broken down into the following nations.

Capital City: Lesalia

Capital City: Koriska

Capital City: Monica

Other Places

Bervenia Free City

The Fold


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