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Prelude: The New Hokuten
Act: 2 Chapter: 1

Following the shake up of the Hokuten upon the abdication of powerful and ferocious but devastatingly handsome King ’Morrow, the Hokuten have re-organized as follows.

1. Roenick Tarmikos – 1st General
2. Lord Anjel – 2nd General
3. Tetravus Leowolf – 3rd General
4. Dust Onyx – 4th General
5. Kuyin Leowolf – Tajidiri
6. Shaddarach – Emissary
7. Irielove – Magistrate
8. Masahiro – Prelate
9. Mneventh – Knight Captain & Cadet master of Avalon

It is Always Somebody Else's Tomorrow

After three long years of trials, training, successes and failures Squad Eight reaches Graduation Day. Cryptically a note is slid under their door before the graduation ceremony beckoning the group to meet in a secret location with Avalon.

While the many exploits of the tenacious Squad Eight are recounted by Knight Captain Masahiro so too are they reminded of their defeat by Squad Ten on Scarecrow Island. Hokuten Masahiro postulates that this class may come to be known as one of the greatest graduation classes in history.

Following the convocation the group follows the instruction on the mysterious letter and locates a hidden meeting chamber where they encounter |General Anjel, the third General of the Leowolf army. He explains that these meeting chambers were previously used for clandestine operations involving the Reavers and Tajidiri.

The current Tajidiri – Tetravus Leowolf – has gone missing while surveying a group of Warforged just outside the borders of the Trivium, near Monica. Unbeknownst to Anjel, Tetravus is the brother of your also missing in action former squad mate Kuyin Amoh, and Squad 8 accepts the position as the new acting set of Reavers.

Echoes in the Corridor
Act 2 - Chapter 2


The main corridor of the Bloodstone pass turns out to be wide and exceedingly long. The party first encounters a group of Stirge preying on fallen Glintstone merchants. The battle is quick and nearly effortless for the party as they drive away the Stirge.



While exploring the long corridor looking for the slab Iomentioned, the party finds evidence that several factions have shared this space. Initially built by giants in honour of the ancient Giant King Orlo, the pass was abandoned before being finished and refitted centuries later by Dwarves. Both Giant and Daken runes line the walls. These runes however have started to succumb to a sinister new presence, defaced in worship of the name K’Rshinthi, a name that some of the party equates to Cyan Bloodbane, an unbelievably powerful and nearly godlike dragon. The Orcs that have taken up possession of the pass seemingly worship this unbelievably dark entity and have scrawled his mark over many of the existing dwarven and giant works.


The Glinstone Traders
Act 2 - Chapter 1

Kakashi’s Mission

The crew meets with Kakashi who admits he knows the Squad has been up to something without him. Lamenting his absence he tells you that he was away investigating The Cult of the Dragon when he was attacked by a mysterious and ridiculously powerful dark Knight.

At Kuyin’s behest the squad refused to give up the reasons for the recent machinations and Kakashi, confident in his squad, allowed them to keep their secrets. Kakashi then offered the Squad and exciting mission, having graduated from the first year as cadets the Squad now had the opportunity to employ their skills outside the training grounds of Avalon.

Bervennia Free City

The mission Kakashi assigned landed the squad in Bervennia Free City – a city outside of the Trivium but friendly with the Knights of Avalon. Bervennia Free City is a merchant city that exists outside of the rule of any kingdom. The height of modern society, Bervennia has little in the way of a standing army and employs militia for peacekeeping duties. A massive metropolis with a population nearly double Avalon, Bervennia still has at this time called on the Leowolf knights for martial aid.

Io and the Glintstone Merchants

Bervennia trades with the far south through a town called Timbervale who in turn trades through the Bloodstone pass. For the past six months the traders on the other side of the pass in Glintstone had been silent, no communication and trade had been cut off. Just recently Io and a small party of barely trained fighters made their way through the pass to Timbervale, explaining that the pass had been overrun by orcs. Squad Eight agrees as part of their mission to route the orcs and re-establish the trade route.

The Mouth of the Pass

Io is too injured from her ordeals to accompany the party, but describes to them the entrance and explains that she utilized a stone slab mechanism built in the pass to cover her retreat from an Orc Party. To travel through the pass the party will have to open that slab.

The entrance to the pass, however, turns out to be incredibly dangerous. There the party encounters a tandem of hippogryphs and a school of archer fish. In the ensuing battle Toshiba spectacularly attacks a hippogryph in mid air, before careening into the river below and knocking away several archer fish. The flourish however leaves him open to be surrounded and he is quickly overwhelmed. He and Rinn who also fell in the water are swept away by the current over a waterfall and suffer severe injuries. Evan manages to subdue an archer fish by pulling it onto land and the party escapes into the mouth of the Bloodstone Pass.

Act II - All Lies Lead to the Truth

Prologue – Secrets in Shadows

Old Avalon rested quietly. Protected from intrusion by Mneventh’s power, the old bricks and mortar unnaturally quiet. Silent in the black. The Bodach and most of the Kenku had retired many hours earlier, but outside three figures met under the cover of shadow.

“I prefer the broadsword,” said Galford. “Cuts both ways. I can use a shield. I’m not as skilled with a blade I suppose as you.”

He handed one of Kuyin’s katana blades back to him.

“I use the back of my blade as often as the front,” Kuyin Answered.

“I suppose you are a pacifist,” clucked Galford.

“I am.”

Kuyin slid the katana back into its sheath. His eyes then flicked out towards the darkness, aware suddenly of an approaching figure. Galford turned his body to match the direction of Kuyin’s gaze.

“You’re pretty quiet, for a giant slobbering lizard,” Galford said with cluck.

Mneventh’s majestic gold body emerged from the tree line.

“Funny. Kuyin why don’t you give your overgrown pet a cracker?”

Mneventh’s deep whisper echoed outwards in watery bass.

“Prettybird!” Galford accidently let out, embarrassed at himself.

The three gathered in a circle, prepared to discuss their secrets in the shadows.


The mighty Minotaur looked at himself in the reflection on the water. Cut. Bruised. He had taken many blows in the battle previous but remained unbowed, one of the few of his comrades who had not fallen. Still, they lost the battle. The sting of defeat did not sit well with Iroas. Squad Ten would be accompanying the Hokuten on the tour and he would be left behind.

He scooped the water forward with his hands and splashed his face, cleaning his wounds, most of them were superficial and would not require attention. Iroas returned to his barracks. On his bed, something caught his eye. Shiny. Out of place. A gift only the hands of a minotaur could appreciate.


A note attached.

Sorry we kicked your ass.
– J.

…and Granted

The fire burned so bright the sky lit up like daylight. The flames burned impossibly hot. The crumbling resemblance of a house barely visible in the pure white flames. The screams had long ago ceased to pierce the night, yet the fire raged on, slave to the will of the figure standing in the clearing at a distance.

Hulking. Imposing. The demon cocked its head to the side enjoying the spectacle of immolation and ash. His servant cowered to his left, another subject of his will.

“How long will you let it burn master?”

“I can taste the sin in this place. It must be cleansed with fire.”

His eyes lit up with these words, increasing the burning rage before him.

“My liege has made his wishes clear. Every Sithardson shall taste my flame and be unmade.”

One Thousand Birds

The air crackled to life with the electrical current surging through Toshiba’s arm. The sound of a thousand birds chirping accompanied the flashes of power. At the top of his lungs Toshiba belted out the nonsensical attack word – CHIDORI! – Cutting lose with the full force of the current he struck the practice rock in front him, obliterating it with an ear splitting crack.

At a distance Kakashi applauded his student.

“Well done. Just remember that Chidori is a full on frontal attack and will leave you open to counter attacks. You must charge to use it, but the effect is devastating.”

Toshiba smiled. He could now strike with the power of a thousand armadillos OR one thousand birds. Adorable death.


“A dragon’s memories are passed on the same way physical traits. I should know my parents. I should have their knowledge and experiences, but I do not. Either something about my conception went wrong, or someone is blocking my access to these memories. I have wandered this desert and the surrounding lands, growing my power. I feel drawn to Avalon. It must have something to do with my memories. The Leowolf Knights. I am tied to them somehow.”

Kuyin placed his hand on Mneventh.

“They say my Father betrayed the Leowolf Knights. That he was an high ranking member of the cult of Tiamat. If this is true my whole life is a lie. Everything my family has stood for was a facade to aid Tiamat. I do not know if I can even trust my own brother. I… I have to know.”

Galford kicked at dirt at his feet.

“Prettydragon! Prettyeffeminateboy! We’ll find the truth!”

Mneventh’s scales sparkled in the moonlight.

“All lies lead to the truth.”

The Trial of Scarecrow Island
Act 1 - Chapter 7

The Solidarity Tour

The past year has been a difficult one for

The Wishing Well
Act 1 - Chapter 6

A Disturbance at Old Avalon

Homesick without the Home
Act 1 - Chapter 5
K is for Kenku
Act 1 - Chapter 4
A Shadow in the Night
Act 1 - Chapter 3

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