Cyan Bloodbane

I am your reckoning.



Of all the green dragons that have ever lived, none are as despised as Cyan Bloodbane. Gifted with a keen intellect and knack for manipulation that far outstripped the cunning of his peers, he exploited his talents to advance his standing in the eyes of his dread mistress, Tiamat.


Though he was believed to be long dead, Cyan Bloodbane remains a a dark presence in the minds and hearts of elves, evoking terror with the mere whisper of his name. Cyan’s unsavory reputations stems from his part in the first movements of an old war between the forces of Tiamat and her longtime enemy Bahamut. He did not want to be involved in the brimming conflict but knew his reluctance would mean his destruction: If Tiamat won, she would punish those who failed her and if Bahamut proved victorious, no place would be safe for chromatic dragons. Rather than endure the pain and agony of war, he sought other means to aid his queen.

The Old Elf King

An opportunity to aid his Dark Lady presented itself when an old elf king, hoping to protect his people, sought to strike a union with a green dragon. Cyan Bloodbane killed the dragon before the meeting could take place and assuming his guise struck the pact with the king. Using his powerful magic and powers of persuasion Cyan seduced the old king, whispering venomous advice backed by empty promises. Cyan twisted the king’s mind, forcing him to shape the magic into his deepest fears and transform his ancient kingdom into a land of terrifying nightmares.

Defeat at the Hands of the Shadowed Chain

In desperation an order of powerful magicians from the town of Glintstone tricked Cyan Bloodbane into Iron Stone pass and using a separation magic bound Bloodebane in stone while removing and relocating an arm, his heart, his claw and an eye. His name was not mentioned again for over 100 years as his machinations faded from memory.

Cyan Bloodbane

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