Equal parts bravery, foolishness and fire




Mneventh is a young Gold Dragon living close outside the gates of Avalon, unknown to the Hokuten. Mneventh is unaware of his heritage but feels incredibly drawn to Avalon and the Leowolf knights. Entering into a pact with Kuyin Amoh and Squad Eight, Mneventh is their most powerful ally, if at times brash and impulsive.

Mneventh is constantly struggling to understand his identity as a dragon, his inherited memories appear to be distorted or altered through memory, it would seem Mneventh has strong ties to Avalon and seeks to understand his destiny.

Following a similar path to that of Squad Eight, Mneventh is an enigmatic entity with much still to learn about himself and his powers.

Promotion to Hokuten

Upon the intervention of Lander, Mneventh not only avoided expulsion from Avalon but was promoted to Hokuten and now serves as the Cadet Headmaster at the training barracks. Having grown immensely in size and power, Mneventh is now the first spectacle new cadets see upon their arrival.

A younger Mneventh while still a “pup”



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