Shy Both

Squad Ten Captain




Shy is Captain of Squad Ten – a rival Squad to Squad Eight. Shy’s leadership since arriving as a first year cadet in Avalon Shy’s ability as a leader has proven effective in leading Squad Eight as they rival Kakashi’s cadets in both accolades and academic ability. Hailing from K’oh, Shy is the last living member of the Both family in the Trivium although he does have family to the East.

Shy is a capable rogue known for his stealth and mobility. His abilities allow him to charge an opponent, make an attack and shift away before retaliation. It is, however, his hypnotic eyes that are his most powerful ability. The Both family possesses a familial power to paralyze and stun with their striking green eyes.

The Tournament of the Tin Cup:

Shy first appeared as a competitor in The Tournament of the Tin Cup. Shy was a first round opponent versus Evan Sithardson, however the match was short lived as Shy critically misused his paralysis ability and affected himself, effectively losing the match in the process.

The Wishing Well:

Shy’s squad was called away to help his hometown of K’oh. However on the way Squad Ten encountered the Kenku who were now located at Old Avalon. Thinking they were intruders Squad Ten engaged the Kenku and were badly injured. Squad Eight interjected and stopped the skirmish and offered to finish the mission with Shy.

On the way to K’oh Shy explained that his mother had long ago sealed a power in a wishing well close to the town. With her recent passing the town was in jeopardy. Squad Eight helped Shy protect the town from the unsealed power. Shy was grateful despite the dubious outcome of the mission.

The Trial of Scarecrow Island:

Following the announcement of the Hokuten’s Tour of Solidarity, Avalon’s instructional staff were asked to supply a Squad for security detail. Shy led Squad Ten against Squad Eight in the Trial of Scarecrow Island. Showing new and improved hypnotic abilities and a faster and more slick dash and strike technique, Shy was instrumental in the defeat of Squad Eight.

Shy Both

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