Dungeons and Dragons

Echoes in the Corridor

Act 2 - Chapter 2


The main corridor of the Bloodstone pass turns out to be wide and exceedingly long. The party first encounters a group of Stirge preying on fallen Glintstone merchants. The battle is quick and nearly effortless for the party as they drive away the Stirge.



While exploring the long corridor looking for the slab Iomentioned, the party finds evidence that several factions have shared this space. Initially built by giants in honour of the ancient Giant King Orlo, the pass was abandoned before being finished and refitted centuries later by Dwarves. Both Giant and Daken runes line the walls. These runes however have started to succumb to a sinister new presence, defaced in worship of the name K’Rshinthi, a name that some of the party equates to Cyan Bloodbane, an unbelievably powerful and nearly godlike dragon. The Orcs that have taken up possession of the pass seemingly worship this unbelievably dark entity and have scrawled his mark over many of the existing dwarven and giant works.




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