Dungeons and Dragons

The Glinstone Traders

Act 2 - Chapter 1

Kakashi’s Mission

The crew meets with Kakashi who admits he knows the Squad has been up to something without him. Lamenting his absence he tells you that he was away investigating The Cult of the Dragon when he was attacked by a mysterious and ridiculously powerful dark Knight.

At Kuyin’s behest the squad refused to give up the reasons for the recent machinations and Kakashi, confident in his squad, allowed them to keep their secrets. Kakashi then offered the Squad and exciting mission, having graduated from the first year as cadets the Squad now had the opportunity to employ their skills outside the training grounds of Avalon.

Bervennia Free City

The mission Kakashi assigned landed the squad in Bervennia Free City – a city outside of the Trivium but friendly with the Knights of Avalon. Bervennia Free City is a merchant city that exists outside of the rule of any kingdom. The height of modern society, Bervennia has little in the way of a standing army and employs militia for peacekeeping duties. A massive metropolis with a population nearly double Avalon, Bervennia still has at this time called on the Leowolf knights for martial aid.

Io and the Glintstone Merchants

Bervennia trades with the far south through a town called Timbervale who in turn trades through the Bloodstone pass. For the past six months the traders on the other side of the pass in Glintstone had been silent, no communication and trade had been cut off. Just recently Io and a small party of barely trained fighters made their way through the pass to Timbervale, explaining that the pass had been overrun by orcs. Squad Eight agrees as part of their mission to route the orcs and re-establish the trade route.

The Mouth of the Pass

Io is too injured from her ordeals to accompany the party, but describes to them the entrance and explains that she utilized a stone slab mechanism built in the pass to cover her retreat from an Orc Party. To travel through the pass the party will have to open that slab.

The entrance to the pass, however, turns out to be incredibly dangerous. There the party encounters a tandem of hippogryphs and a school of archer fish. In the ensuing battle Toshiba spectacularly attacks a hippogryph in mid air, before careening into the river below and knocking away several archer fish. The flourish however leaves him open to be surrounded and he is quickly overwhelmed. He and Rinn who also fell in the water are swept away by the current over a waterfall and suffer severe injuries. Evan manages to subdue an archer fish by pulling it onto land and the party escapes into the mouth of the Bloodstone Pass.



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